Monday, June 23, 2014

Mid-term summary

Last week has been quiet as I was doing my last assignment in college, and it has kept me busier than planned. I’ve been working on top of the pull request that I mentioned in my previous post, extending the functionality of the new settings API, but I’m waiting on its review to initiate new pull requests.

These two months of researching and coding have been great. The initial overwhelming feeling over the size and complexity of the problem when I was dealing with my GSoC application has disappeared as I got familiar with Scrapy's implementation details and code base. It’s definitely easier now to come up with new feature ideas and integrate them consistently to existing work.

Working on an open source project has surely been a test for my coding skills. Knowing that my work can be looked at by anyone and it will be especially reviewed by skilled developers has raised my standards of what makes code “good enough” for me. I’m more aware of the importance of maintaining a well tested, documented and supported base, as these good practices greatly aid to contribute to and adopt open source projects.

Although I made some changes to the schedule that I detailed in March, I’m satisfied with the pace of the work that I've done, and I’m even more confident that the entire job will be finished by August, provided that I end my college classes. The most difficult task so far has been to keep balance between college assignments and GSoC work, so I’m relieved to know that I can concentrate on one thing from now on.

The settings API is practically finished (There are two simple features still missing), which is roughly half the work on my proposal, and I’ll start with the backend clean up soon.

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